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Update 1: Middenstad

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1Update 1: Middenstad Empty Update 1: Middenstad on Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:14 am



Update 1: Middenstad A6-A84sign
The A6 ends at the A84, also known as the Middenstad Reimweg. The A6 is one of the major city-to-city routes in Laagvlatke, and from the A84, goes into the suburbs of Middenstad, then passes Middenstad Luchthaven (Middenstad Airport) and goes out into the countryside.

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Dec8091334442515
The A6/A84 Interchange

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Oct20091334442416
Driehoekstallen Straat Exit, Listed as Exit 1 on the A84.

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Mar14051334440098
Driehoekstallen, Triangle Park in English, which is not on Driehoekstallen Straat but is nearby it, and is the central theme of the north part of town.

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Oct14091334442317
Roovers Theatre on Centraalstraat in downtown.

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Oct7091334442266
The Zuidenstad Area, near Zuidenstad Stadion

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Aug26091334442108
Headquarters of Stijgenheuvel Autorijden Werken, across from the Stadhuis and from the Zondervan Hotel.

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Aug26091334441880
Zuidenstad Stadion, home of KVV Middenstad, one of the greatest football clubs in the history of the KVC (Keizerlijk Voetbal Competitie).

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Aug26091334442047
Centraal Station, which was built in the 1850's in the middle of the Industrial Age, also in the Zuidenstad area of town.

Update 1: Middenstad DowntownMiddenstad-Dec8091334442567

Afscheid uit Middenstad Smile

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2Update 1: Middenstad Empty Re: Update 1: Middenstad on Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:03 am


Rock Roller
Looks good.. looks like similar stuff i've built in the past with all those Amsterdam style buildings.

Only criticism is the rail station and the missing textures .. hate to be on a train going in to that

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3Update 1: Middenstad Empty Re: Update 1: Middenstad on Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:33 pm


I don't know why but the NDEX stations just don't want to work right, they don't say they have any missing dependendencies. :\

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4Update 1: Middenstad Empty Re: Update 1: Middenstad on Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:40 pm


Rock Roller
Interesting.. I've tried that one myself in the last couple of days and it works ok for me.

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5Update 1: Middenstad Empty Re: Update 1: Middenstad on Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:10 pm


might be an unlisted dependency or something...

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