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Update 2: Koningstad

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1Update 2: Koningstad Empty Update 2: Koningstad on Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:31 am


Hello and welcome to the King's City, Koningstad. To begin I'm going to show off some general maps of Laagvlatke.

Update 2: Koningstad Flagmap
First is the three communities of Laagvlatke, Laag (south), Vlatke (west), and Palanzia (east).

Update 2: Koningstad Citiesmap
A cities map, highlighting the main cities. Middenstad is the largest city, followed by Altstad and Noordstad. Of the above cities, Koningstad is the smallest.

Update 2: Koningstad Highwaymap
Highways Map of Laagvlatke.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Jul14071335124393
Talking of Highways, Along the coast is the beginning of the A12, right off the B636.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Jul7111335125321
Followed soon by Exit 1, the A12 exit for Koningstad, a Dumbell interchange.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Aug22161335132339
About a mile up the road is the A12/A8 Interchange (A8 goes top/bottom in this pic) just Northwest of the city. Here we'll take Exit 2 onto the roundabout and take it to the A8 West ramp (it's going south at this point but because the road goes E/W for most of it's length).

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Aug22161335132499
Getting off at the A8 Koningstad Exit, we go left into downtown where we spot St. Barend's Church and the adjoining Cemetery.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Jun3111335125249
St. Barend's Church, built in 1579.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Aug22161335133455
Going slightly north, we see Spoorweg Winkelcentrum, built in 1967, it is the largest shopping center in Southeast Laag.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Aug22161335132725
Further up the road we see the voorgevel straat overpass, which is used by the Grote Prijs van Koningstad as one of the signature corners, Haarspeld.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-May10111335125196
Koningstad Spoor het station, further along Voorgevel Straat.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Aug22161335133291
Tunnelbeheerder Straat, which goes under the Laag Communautair Spoorwegsysteem's Southeast A-Line.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-May10111335125142
Just past the Tunnelbeheerder Straat is Koninklijke Stadion, home of KV Van Geleiders.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Jul7111335125295
And into the town center, we see a Zeester Fuel Station. Currently 4.98 Geld for Regular Gasoline.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-May10111335125124
And home of King Thorbe, PM Tijani van Weenen, and the Wetgevendemacht, is Hoofdstad Tuin.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Jul14071335124370
Back along the other side of the A12 is the training center of KV Van Geleiders.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Oct22141335130577
Now out in the country, we come across some farms on Zee Weg and B636

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Jul14071335124497
And then the interchange where Zee Weg leaves the waterfront.

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Aug14161335132126
And a nice Farm shot I liked... Smile

Update 2: Koningstad DowntownKoningstad-Jul14071335124411
Unfinished pic because I can't get into LE and modify a lot into a grandstand which i'd put in along this site :\

Thanks for viewin ya'll Smile

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