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Update 27: Mackay Park

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1Update 27: Mackay Park Empty Update 27: Mackay Park on Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:38 am


I know this is a shocking site yes, I have an update...First time in quite a long time, atleast it seems so to me, I'm used to updates every week or two and I'm going on a month without an actual update but here she be, Mackay Park. For those familiar with Melbourne, it's designed to have similar assets as Albert Park and Melbourne Park and is in conention to host Simlympics XVI.

Update 27: Mackay Park MackayPark-Mar16011333675520
Just as is in Albert Park, a racecourse winds its way through Mackay Park, going around Mackay Lake.

Update 27: Mackay Park MackayPark-Mar16011333675318
But along the far side, along the straight between turns one and two, is West City Stadium, a 67,000 seat Engineering Marvel which would host the Opening Ceremonies of the XVI Simlympiad.

Update 27: Mackay Park MackayPark-Mar16011333675384
While the centerpiece of the event is the Northern Wheel, a Ferris Wheel aimed at the Northern Pole of Adonia, between Park Arena and West City Stadium.

Update 27: Mackay Park MackayPark-Mar16011333675361
But neighboring Park Arena is another marvel, the Mackay Park Tennis Center, anchored by Lachlan Holtze Arena, Court 1 of 9.

Update 27: Mackay Park MackayPark-Mar16011333675613
Along the North edge of the actual park is JC Haszler Stadium, which would host Athletic events for the Simlympics.

Update 27: Mackay Park MackayPark-Mar16011333675731
Mackay Park Cricket Oval and the Pearson Road area of town.

Update 27: Mackay Park MackayPark-Mar16011333675560
But the Mackay Park Train Station is the main way to get into and out of Mackay Park.

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2Update 27: Mackay Park Empty Re: Update 27: Mackay Park on Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:18 am


Rock Roller
Still looks as good as it did at USNW..:p

What trees are you using btw?

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3Update 27: Mackay Park Empty Re: Update 27: Mackay Park on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:58 pm


hehe, well I'm glad Smile Those are Simfox's trees, specifically I use alot of the Large Plane Trees. I also surrounded the Tennis Complex in Maple Trees.

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