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A thread. Glorious

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1A thread. Glorious Empty A thread. Glorious on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:20 pm


So, how about that radical change there?

I made the executive decision that there really was no need for a union at this time and instead went for something MUCH BETTER!

A site that's all about the fora games! You know you love it.
By fora games I DO NOT MEAN the kinds you would find on any normal place, that range from "ban the use above you" and "change a letter"

How freaking boring is that?

The games here will be creative, Innovative....ah who am I kidding, they will be more structured and well organised. Often requiring a signup and some sort of effort. Creativity can come later.

As you can see in the games section right now there are two games, one showing how games can be more than just simple one off anyone-can-do games and another that's...Well it's fun as hell. DON'T JUDGE ME!

Any suggestions my INOP friends?

Any at all? (Like I don't know, finding a way to justify the name INOP now? Razz )

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