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Orion-Type Spacecraft

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1 Orion-Type Spacecraft on Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:12 am



Scale drawing of the various Orion-type classes.

Energy-class ship
Length:* 20,000 meters
Empty Mass: 1,500,000,000 metric tons
Number of Pulse Units: 57,600,000,000,000,000,000 fusion pulse units
Departure Mass: 6,000,000,000 metric tons
Maximum Velocity: 1000 km/s (0.33% of the speed of light)
Mean Acceleration: 0.00003 g (accelerate for 100 years)
Time to Antares (one way, no slow down): 1945 years
Estimated Cost: $2,443,115,752,212,389.00

Colossal and reputedly impenetrable, an Energy-class vessel dwarfs all other ships built before or since. At twenty kilometers in length, this massive vehicle is larger than many asteroids, and its massive docking bays located near the rear of the Habitation Module can accomodate dozens of Super-class ships at once with the greatest of ease - to say nothing of smaller ships.

With the ability to sustain hundreds of thousands of lifeforms, and a cargo capacity in the hundreds of millions of tons, this ship could carry easily be the equivalent of a small country; this permits it to act as an interstellar ark, should the need arise. With modifications, an
Energy-class ship could be customized for a plethora of uses, ranging from the construction of an on-board shipyard for smaller spacecraft, to turning it into a gigantic orbital medical facility, to using it as a mobile military attack base - or, due to its nigh-invulnerability - even as a government headquarters for an entire nation.

Super-class ship
Length:* 400 meters
Empty Mass: 8,000,000 metric tons
Number of Pulse Units: 2,400,000 fusion pulse units
Departure Mass: 32,000,000 metric tons
Maximum Velocity: 30,000 km/s (10.0% of the speed of light)
Mean Acceleration: 1 g (accelerate for 36 days)
Time to Purtan (one way, no slow down): 38 days
Estimated Cost: $6,656,991,150,442.48

The largest Orion-type spacecraft not explicitly designed for interstellar travel, Super-class vessels are enormous vehicles that can travel as far as Zuepiter and back without refueling; however, they are far too long and heavy to land at all but the largest and sturdiest spaceports. Instead of landing, a Super-class ship typically parks in orbit above its destination, whereupon it starts releasing passengers and crew to the surface via smaller landing craft which may or may not have Orion propulsion.

Because of their size and cost,
Super-class units are not available to all but the largest Ancan superpowers.

Momentum-class ship
Length:* 100 meters
Empty Mass: 100,000 metric tons
Number of Pulse Units: 300,000 fusion pulse units
Departure Mass: 400,000 metric tons
Maximum Velocity: 10,000 km/s (3.33% of the speed of light)
Mean Acceleration: 1 g (accelerate for 10 days)
Time to Antares (one way, no slow down): 194.5 years
Estimated Cost: $2,443,115,752,212.39

The Momentum-class is similar in intent to its parent, the vastly larger Energy-class; however, it is far smaller and simpler in design, and is much faster as a result of having trimmed off over 99% of the weight and size. This trim-down has its drawbacks however, as it can't sustain near as many people as its predecessor - both because of the drastically-lowered living space and the fact that most of the remaining area is dedicated to producing food for the occupants.

Advanced-class ship
Length:* 85 meters
Empty Mass: 10,000 metric tons
Number of Pulse Units: 255,000 fusion pulse units
Departure Mass: 40,000 metric tons
Maximum Velocity: 18,500 km/s (6.17% of the speed of light)
Mean Acceleration: 1 g (accelerate for 19 days)
Time to Zuepiter (one way, no slow down): 20-21 days
Estimated Cost: $2,076,648,380,389.53

Interplanetary-class ship
Length:* 60 meters
Empty Mass: 4,000 metric tons
Number of Pulse Units: 180,000 fusion pulse units
Departure Mass: 16,000 metric tons
Maximum Velocity: 16,000 km/s (5.33% of the speed of light)
Mean Acceleration: 1 g (accelerate for 16 days)
Time to Barrin (one way, no slow down): 16-17 days
Estimated Cost: $1,465,869,451,327.43

*To convert lengths of manned Orion vessels to their unmanned equivalents, reduce the given length by 25%.

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2 Re: Orion-Type Spacecraft on Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:50 am


Quite the spaceships you've worked up over the last few days. I'm impressed Smile

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3 Re: Orion-Type Spacecraft on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:13 am


Super work Daniel.
Very detailed, must be a pain getting all those figures with inflation Razz

Anyway, praise aside, Can I ask that these be general guidelines for ships and not strict regulation. As in ships would be built towards these statistics but not exactly them. (So give or take essentially)

Note that some of these no country will have, for example the Energy class or the Momentum for reasons of complications. Super will be superpower exclusive and the rest as they go.
Just want to stress you can't have Momentum as of yet or Energy as of yet for very different reasons.

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4 Re: Orion-Type Spacecraft on Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:25 pm


Updated with spacecraft descriptions. The smaller classes will be added soon. Smile

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