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Nation name: Burganikhan
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Capitol: Burgani
Largest City: Burgani
History: The Origional Burganikhan came into being during the 17th Century as a union of regions that created of the modern country, minus Georgiana. It had a right wing government which sponsored attacks on minorities. In the late 19th Century the country erupted into civil war, which split the country apart. It wasn't until the 1920s that the country was again reunified, this time under a socialist government. Georgiana tried to use this time to take over Burganikhan, but in the end it was eventually beaten back and forced to join as an autonomous province, which can control internal policy but must collect national taxes and provide soilders for the army. By the 1960s the country had fully recovered from the civil war and rapidly improved living standards.

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Population: 4,469,200
Major cities: Burgani, Petrabourg, Calmani
Ethnic Distribution: 56% Burg, 37% Burgani-Celtic, 7% Other
Languages: Burgan
Government type: One-Party Presidential Socialist Democracy, Values intervention (nationally and internationally)
Administrative regions: Burgani, Koy, Lim, Calman, Isim, West Burgistan, Central Burgistan, North East Burgistan, South East Burgistan, East Burgistan, Petra District, Gregoriana (Autonomous Region)
Capital of each region: Burgani, Koyani, Limani, Calmani, Isimani, Kayani, Tropani, Gofodinas, Borani, Chalem, Petrabourg, Gregoria

GDP:$140.347 billion
GDP per capita:$31,403
Main Exports: Oil Products, Cereals (corn, wheat, etc), Gold
Main Imports: Crude Oil, Uranium, Iron

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Rock Roller
Looks great and sounds great.

Can't wait to see more of tropico .. as I've never played it.

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Nice job. Smile

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