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Facts for Asgard

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Nation name: Kingdom of Arrakis

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History: Arrakis was a province and then a grand duchy under Parmero from the 12th to the 18th centuries, and an autonomous grand duchy of Larkvinia after 1709. It won its complete independence in 1810. Arrakis has made a remarkable transformation from a farm/forest economy to a diversified modern industrial economy; per capita income is now among the highest on the Delenon Continent. In the 21st century, the key features of Arrakis are it's modern welfare system and it's high standard of education, equality promotion, and national social security system. A military power during the 17th century, Arrakis has not participated in any war for almost two centuries. An armed neutrality was preserved in war since.


Major cities: TBA
Capital: TBA
Languages: Arraki
Long Name: Kingdom of Arrakis
Basic Name: Arrakis
Short Name: Arrakis
Government type: Constitutional Monarchy
Administrative divisions: 21counties To be named once detailed map is completed.
Dependent areas: none


GDP: $379.4 billion
GDP per capita: $40,600

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