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The ultimate guide to all things application related

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Welcome, I'll bet you're really excited to be a part of our union here. Hell, I'M EXCITED YOU ARE! But there are some things you should know. I'll tell you.

What kind of membership should I apply for?

Well, there are several different kinds of membership. Each with different privileges and prerequisites.

Partial Membership: You are most likely going for this option. This is for people who are brand spanking new and you will get a majority of the Privileges and things and unlike a full membership you don't need to have been a member for a month. HOW SWEET IS THAT! With this you will be able to vote on most things, make decent roleplay, have access to the skype channel and get your own forum to play with. You can't run for any executive positions with this one and you can't vote on a full membership application.

Full Membership: This is almost Identical to the Partial membership, except you will be able to do a few things you couldn't before. Such as Run for executive positions and vote on other full membership applications. You will also be able to have observatory members as dependencies if they permit.

Observatory Membership: This one is for people who are already incredibly involved in another union but want to be involved nonetheless. You will be able to vote with this on other observatory memberships only. And you will not be able to Run for any form of higher position (barring Partial Member) You will have your own forum still but won't be expected to keep up the roleplay side of the union. Having land on the planet is optional for this one. Also, you can ask to be a dependency of a larger full nation with this one.

To apply you need to do the following;

1. Work out how your gonna get those pesky pictures. I recommend simcity4, although almost all other city building games will be alright. Heck, ANY medium is great, in fact I would LOVE it to be something completely radical. BE DIFFERENT AND THINK AWESOMELY!

2. just about fill out here form

Nation name:
COA: (optional)
Location: (sure as hell not optional)
Largest City:
History: (some length is appreciated, gives us a rough idea of how you are with the creative writing)

Demographics: (in the quote)

Major cities:
Ethnic Distribution: (in %)
Government type:
Administrative divisions:
Dependent areas:
(anything else you might like to add)

Economy: (in the quote)
GDP per capita:
Main Exports:
Main Imports:
(anything else you might like to add)
(anything else you might like to add)

Then three decent pictures that demonstrate what your nation is like.
These do NOT have to be of a city building game but it is appreciated.

3. take all this to a NEW THREAD!
You are going to need to name it something, there is a process for this. It needs to be in the following format: Pending “The kind of membership you are applying for” | “Name of nation”

Simple no? For example; “Pending Full membership | Republic of Austrus”
“Pending Observatory Membership | Kingdom of Awesome”
“Pending Partial Membership | Peoples republic of oppression”

4. Wait for approval. This may take a bit. So be patient. You need at least 2 votes from admins and a majority from all the others. Different for Full membership. (If applying for full you will be told what is needed)

5. Once approved we will step you through what comes next.

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